Our Goal

Feed of Me aims to help solo commuters have a safer driving experience by providing a service that enables you to listen to your personalized stream of music and content.

Feed of Me can also help you if you suffer from vision impairment or reading difficulties by converting text to speech.

Never miss out on the content that is important to you!

Be Hands Free

Commuting is not the only situation that Feed of Me can be helpful to you!

For example, while you are cooking or jogging or doing your exercise. With Feed of Me you can also minimize your exposure to blue light.

Whenever you need to have your hands free for another activity!


The Feed of Me app is designed so that when you are logged in with Social Media accounts and optional music service subscription, feeds are read automatically, without any intervention, and interspersed with your music selection.

With a large library of voices to choose from, Feed of Me allows you to listen to your personalized stream in over 30 languages.

Exactly what you have always wanted to hear from your radio!

Our Story

We live in an information society, where the amount of data consumed is expanding exponentially. Yet the number of hours in a day are not increasing. In many countries commuting to work is taking a growing part of one’s daytime. We are providing a safe and comfortable way to make use of that time: Feed of Me. Your personalized radio like experience.

When one of the founders was in the radio business he started to explore the possibilities on having all the information easily available for everyone but that was only available locally.

Feed of Me is a cloud based service that is available globally on your smart device making content accessible to a larger group of people whilst improving (road) safety and awareness of surroundings

When a personalized voice is talking out loud all your desired information while you are concentrating on driving or whether you simply cannot see or understand the text, that is personalization taken to the next level!

  • Never miss out on your Social interactions
  • Stay on top of the latest news and information relevant to you
  • Listen to the music that you want to hear
  • Safely drive or commute distraction free

Fear of Missing Out is wiped away with Feed of Me!

Download & Try?

Want to find out more about the app? Go to the download page and get the latest information and links to the app in the stores.