Our Vision

Feed of Me wants to make readable content available to everyone no matter if you are blind or partially sighted, have reading difficulties or just don’t want to spend your day looking at your phone.

Feed of Me brings all your relevant content to audio and intermixes with your favorite music creating the ultimate listening experience: your very own stream of music and content.

Never miss out on the content that is important to you!

Be Hands Free

Feed of Me app is created in such a way that there is a very limited need for a user interaction. After the initial easy set-up, connecting your accounts and selecting your content, it’s as simple as opening up the app and tapping “play”.

As well as a utility for people with vision challenges or reading difficulties you could use the app while commuting, exercising, cooking or simply whenever you need to have your hands free for another activity.


Feed of Me allows you to select the content you want to hear, from your own Social Media streams & favorite news sources. Once selected, feeds are read out automatically without any user intervention.

With a large library of voices to choose from, Feed of Me allows you to listen to your personalized stream in over 30 languages.

Intersperse this with your subscribed music streaming service and you have created your own personalized radio-like experience.

Our Story

When our founder and CEO was in the radio business he appreciated the cost of bringing information to the masses. Today there is information everywhere, but it is not available to everyone.

Feed of Me brings content from many sources and makes it available to everyone to hear – no need to look at the screen.

Feed of Me is a cloud based service that is available globally on your smart device making content accessible to a larger group of people who may not have had access to it before.

When a personalized voice is talking out loud all your desired information while you are concentrating on driving or whether you simply cannot see or understand the text, that is personalization taken to the next level!

  • Stay on top of the latest news and information relevant to you
  • Never miss out on your Social interactions
  • Listen to the music that you want to hear

Download & Try?

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